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Hello everyone! We are EH DuoVisuals! We are a duo based out of Newmarket and Hampton, NH. We specialize in photography and videography! Our goal is to capture moments and memories that define who you are as a person, artist, or business! Our work is driven by our passion for providing you with photos and videos that make you proud of who you are and where you're going! Become a part of our journey by booking a shoot with us today!  



Ethan Zundell

Ethan is a young artist from Newmarket, NH. He grew up interested in making YouTube videos. That eventually led him into finding a passion for videography and cinematography. He is responsible for the videos produced by EH DuoVisuals plus he helps contribute to the photography as much as he can.

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Hope Cooper

Hope is an artist from Hampton, NH. Growing up, cameras always fascinated her to the point where she would constantly ask her family members to use theirs. She got her first camera in seventh grade and hasn't stopped using one ever since. Hope does a lot of the photography and is excited to keep diving into more videography.

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EH DuoVisuals


EH DuoVisuals

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